CFS-SOLVO, as well as the base product – polyaluminum chloride, is produced by dissolving aluminum in hydrochloric acid under the conditions of internal electrolysis.

Internal electrolysis was developed and patented as a method for mass production of aluminum oxychloride by us in 1976.

Manufacturing of the base product – aluminum oxychloride (OAX: OH 0269988-78) has been conducted in various places following our inventions:


The first installation for regular producing of OAX using the method with the capacity of 5000 t/y was built in 1979 the Sviloza combine in Svishtov, Bulgaria. Another instalation with the capacity of manufacturing 2500 t/y of OAX was open in 1990 in Burgas, at the Technological Center for Ecology and Natural Recources.

The study of chemism of hydration and hydorlysis proceses in the solutions of powerful electrolytes, and specifically the polymerization of solutions containing aluminum led to the development of a new line of highly effective reagents throug the modification of OAX.

An instalation for the manufacturing of CFS-SOLVO using our unique technology was developed and constructed in 1994.

The four modules of the instalation in Sliven produce a totall of 7000 tons a year. There are no technical limitations for the number of modules in the installation; the volume of manufacturing could be increased to respond to demand for the product in a short amount of time.

The product complies with the conditions of:

  • Bulgarian National Standard БДС EN 17034 Chemical products used for the purification of water for drinking purposes
  • ICS 71.100.80 БДС EN 17034 Chemicals used for treatment of water intended for human consumption-Polyaluminium chloride hydroxide and Polyaluminium chloride hydroxide sulfate.
  • TC 2006-95

REACH reference number: 01-2119972943-24-0000


The conventional product CFS10Al is a water solution and contains 9.5±3% Al  and a basicity of 70±5%).